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Bella dominated

Back breaking arch over and over. Bella is put in Painful holds and chokes and made to submit over and over!

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Penny and Cheyenne

Penny and Cheyenne dominate this Tag match and play catch up after a horrible season! Team Nightmare is Devasted

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Lyla Storm beats MIssy Minx

The start of Summer Vengeance. Lyla Storm takes on MIssy Minx in a heated battle to move on in the tournaments and brutally fuck the loser.

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Two babes abuse young teen

This is a tag match on a temporary set. The US girls are ready and willing to fight on any mat any time, anywhere!!!

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Ultimate Surrender Action

This will go down in history of ultimate Surrender. One wrestler has control the majority of the match but still loses

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Five Lesbian Babes

The Biggest Loser gets gang Bangs by a pack of hot wrestling babes. Double side bow and arrow and stacked camel clutch make for great wrestling antics

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Horny babes match

Two of the most Seasoned Ultimate Surrender Vets Finally meet on the mats. A match that we’ve been waiting for since season 3

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Team Lesbian Battle

Team mate against Team mate in the Biggest Loser Ass Smoother competition. Team Mates battle to see who gets GANG BANGED!

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Izamar vs. Penny

First ever Welterweight Belt Championship Match. Izamar vs. Penny Barber. One Winner, One Belt, One gets Fucked

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Slut Audrey Rose

Audrey Rose shows us why she was ranked as one of our best feather weights for season 10. fisting 69 in round 4 Both Wrestlers get fisted as a prize

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3some lesbian fun

Dragon saves their tags for the last half of the round. It could work for them or against them

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Lyla Vs Amber

Both girls are in it to win it. Lyla wants to make it to the finals and Amber wants to show the world she’s still got it.

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